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More Healing Products & Partnerships for your Awakening

Click on the link to be taken to the dedicated page for each product or to our partner's website to place your order.

All the Products we share are intended to bring you a better quality of life on every level.

These products will help to Transform Your Life!

GROW       ~    TRIVE     ~     HEAL

Healing Products from our Partners

FLASKA Water Bottles ~ Purifies Your Water inside the bottle!

Flaska Water Bottles contain "Programmed Glass" using the TPS procedure, that restructures the water in the bottle. With the Flaska bottle, we bring the vibrational structure of water closer to the structure of spring water, i.e. water in its natural environment. Using TPS (technology of programming silicon), a vibrational program consisting of various kinds of information from nature, is imprinted into the glass: This is based on Dr. Emotto's Water Crystal Theory and it works! Get Your Bottle Today!!

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