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Pay Here for your
QHHT Session with Trenayce

Allow Trenayce to take you on a journey into the depths of your "Unconscious". Visit "past lives", other existences, alternate realities or wherever your "Higher Self" needs to take you, so that you can understand your current incarnation better. 

The goal is to reach the Higher Self and to allow the Wisdom of the "Divine You" to shine through!

**Your Session is Recorded

Trenayce is a Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, trained by the late Dolores Cannon. This is truly a priceless experience, so if you would like to book your QHHT Session today, please pay here.

Thank You and Many Blessings for your Awakening!!

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Listen to Dolores Cannon on "Finding Your True Self"

Dolores Cannon on "2012 & Beyond"

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