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To Schedule your Private Healing or Consultation, 

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Find the answers that you are looking for and start feeling better today!

Trenayce has over 30 years of experience in different types of Healing modalities. She has been a teacher, an Intuitive Healer, an Energy Worker and an Herbalist for more than 30 years. Trenayce is also able to assist you as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, trained under Dolores Cannon,

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Deposits and Payments for Consultations & Healing Sessions 

* Pay your deposit here for your upcoming session.

Energy Healing Session 


**Deposit for Healing Session

Total Cost  for Session  is $125.00 

1 hr 30 min session

Hands On Healing Session

Frequency Activation 

Clearing & Balancing of Chakras

Awakening Consultation 


**Must Pre-pay for Consultation

1 hr session

Distance (by phone or internet)

Spiritual Consultation

Energy Clearing

Quantum Healing Hypnosis


**Deposit for Hypnosis Session

Total Cost for QHHT Session is $333.00

5 to 8 hour Session

In Person Only

Quantum Healing includes Spiritual Consultation and Energy Activation

Based on Dolores Cannon's Technique

Biofeedback Frequency Sessions
Below is our 2 hour "Full Session" and our "Remote Monthly Program".
You must book a Full Session before you can do the Remote program.
Scroll down to see the description of  what a Biofeedback session is.


What is Biofeedback?

There are many forms of Biofeedback, but this is Frequency Healing that is based on the work of Dr. Raymond Rife, along with many other scientists around the world. We use the largest Frequency Database in the world to help bring your body back into balance. This system "speaks" to your body and allows the body to speak back. The Biofeedback scan relays the frequencies that you need right now! 

We run your scan results right away, so that you can start to re-establish harmony in your body, mind & spirit. With each Energy session, you will begin to feel better and better.  This works because everything is made up of Energy & Vibrations!! 

Frequency Healing is very effective. It not only works on your physical imbalances, but it will also assist you on every level of your "Being". Energy Medicine is a Profound way to bring balance back to the body, mind & spirit and return you to good health!

Our Biofeedback Session offers a Monthly Remote Program that allows for greater healing potential. This includes 2 Remote Frequency Sessions per week. This is in addition to the Biofeedback Session @ $150.00. 

You will receive a text every time you are being worked on Remotely. There is nothing special for you to do, just continue your day as usual. 

This is a Powerful tool for Healing!

***This service is also available to those who are not physically present. We can discuss this process in more detail in the 15 minute FREE CONSULTATION

Please fill out the form below, to request a 

Biofeedback / Energy Session.

***We are a Healing & Teaching Ministry, that offers Natural Alternatives that would be considered "Experimental" to the main stream,  but there is much proof that can be found to support our Natural Healing Techniques and teachings. We Believe in Free Will

and Freedom of Choice and so we support this. 

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