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Thank You for your Interest in Joining our Family of Light!

Below we have listed the steps to follow to become a Lightworker with Awaken The Healing Ministries

1st Step

The first thing you need to do is to let us know that you would like to "Join our Team" of Lightworkers. In this way, we can add you to the appropriate email list, so you will be notified about important classes and webinars for people interested in Lightwork with us.
When you have completed the requirements and passed the test, you will receive an Ordination Certificate, as a Lightworker/Minister with Awaken The Healing Ministries. This Ordination is official and allows you to apply to conduct marriages in your state. Your journey has only just begun!

2nd  Step

Be sure to start listening to the Podcast from the beginning. You will need to listen to the first 100 episodes to prepare to take the test to become a Lightworker. The test will be very easy, if you study with the podcast.  You can listen to the show directly on our Homepage. Just scroll down in the Podcast Player to go back to the first episode. You can access our Podcast on many platforms that are available, iTunes, IHeart, Spotify, etc..., 

3rd Ste​p

It will be necessary for you to take the Online Natural Healing ~ Wholistic Living Classes.
Spirit gave us these classes to get everyone on the same "page", so that as we continue to grow and learn, the concepts will be easier to understand. These classes cover a wide range of topics, but you will begin to see how they all start to "blend" together. Your life will be enriched from the very first class. You will be given many tools to help you make it through these uncertain times and to aid you in understanding the Awakening Process.

4th Step

There is a final test that covers the first 100 episodes of "Awaken The Healing ~ Reclaim Your Life" and it will be necessary for you to have overcome any addictions before you take that test. If you have any unhealthy addictions, it will be necessary for you to overcome them while you are studying to become a Lightworker with Awaken The Healing Ministries. Everyone must be "Free" of any vices, in order to raise your vibration and transform your life. It is necessary to establish and maintain a healthy body, mind & spirit as this is the only way to raise your vibration. 

We are very desirous of working with you and having you join our Light Family! Spirit is preparing all of us for the Great Work that has to be done on our planet and we need as many Lightworkers as possible to complete this task. But before any of us can help another, we must first help ourselves. This is what the path to becoming a Lightworker with Awaken The Healing Ministries is all about. The Awakening begins with you!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Email us today!


Thank you again for your interest in Awaken The Healing Ministries

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