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These are our most commonly asked questions about the Awaken products. If this list does not answer your question, please email us and we will be happy to help.
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Question #1: When using Awaken,  will your skin peel?
Answer:Because these oils and butters encourage new cell growth, you may see a little flaking of the skin, after a few days, when you first start using Awaken. Help your skin to shed the old damaged cells by exfoliating a few times a week. The new healthy skin will soon become your "normal skin" and the flaking will cease.

Question #2: Can I use the products, if I have extremely sensitive skin?
Answer:We have gone to great lengths to bring you a truly exceptional product, so that people with the most sensitive skin can use it with success. There is no alcohol, fragrance, or chemicals added to our products to cause irritation. Many individuals with sensitive skin have used Awaken products with great success.

Question #3: How long does the Beautiful Skin product protect, when using it as a deodorant?
Answer: The deodorant properties usually lasts for several hours. We encourage you to reapply the Beautiful Skin,  for longer protection or layer when working out. 

Question #4: Will my skin be oily, when using these products?
Answer:No, these oils and butters are absorbed into the deep tissues layers of the skin. They leave your skin feeling moisturized and hydrated. A little goes a long way, so there's no need to use a lot when applying it. Your skin will feel silky and soft, that's it!

Question #5: What product can help with foot fungus?
Answer:The Beautiful Skin. Individuals with foot fungus have had great success in eliminating it by using the Beautiful Skin product. We suggest using it after soaking your feet in Epsom salts. They work great together.

Question #6: How long does it usually take before you start seeing scar reduction? And which products are best for that?
Answer: Usually within a few days or weeks. It depends on how often you apply the product. For deep scars and stretch marks, it may take a few months, if you apply at least twice a day. Healing Oils and Beautiful Skin assist with scar reduction/removal. Remember your diet is very important here, as well.

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