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This is the story of how "Awaken ~ The Healing Begins Now" began...
Awaken is not just a phenomenal skin and hair care line, it's a powerful tool for healing on all levels. This healing transcends the cosmetic benefits you receive from using these products. The healing starts on a deeper vibrational level and then is manifested in the skin, nails, and hair. The healing is cellular, throughout the body.

In August of 2012, I began a 30 day fast. This fast was not a normal fast for me. It was one of the hardest I'd ever done. It was a mental fast. I intended to only think positive thoughts for an entire 30 days straight. Not entertaining a negative thought longer than the time it took for me to realize that I was having one.
On the 11th day of my fast, I was overcome with a strong urging to research some oils. I had been trying desperately to heal myself of falling hair. In 2006, my entire family was overcome with chicken pox. At that point, I'd been practicing Naturopathic Medicine for about 15 years. Because of my practical knowledge of herbs, I was able to find an herb that overcame the virus within a matter of days. It dried up the sores overnight and stopped the virus from progressing. But afterward we were left looking like Cheetahs! With all my training in Holistic Medicine I had never been taught how to heal from the outside in, only the inside out.

Our bodies were scarred and our skin became very sensitive after the chicken pox were healed. My hair became weaker, because of the damage that was done to my scalp. I tried everything I could to find something to heal our scars and my hair, but nothing helped except for a mixture of Edgar Cayce oils. This really helped the skin to be less sensitive. We drank lots of Sage Tea and this began to heal the scars from within, but six years later I was still dealing with falling hair. My hair was long, so no one else but me and my beautician knew that this was a problem that had to be solved soon.

Now, fast forward to my 11th day of Fasting. On this day, Spirit led me to a site that had hundreds of raw oils and butters for sale. I began to notice that when I looked at the list of oils and butters, one would stand out to me. I began to write them down. As I wrote this list, it included names of oils and butters that I'd never seen before. At the end of this, I had accumulated 19 oils and butters. From this list the "Awaken" products were born. Spirit showed me where to place these oils and then I was told each and every name of the products. There were four, and each one was as powerful as the next. As I did further research on these oils and butters, I was in awe. They were powerful healers and had been used over countless centuries for healing around the world. My knowledge in Holistic Medicine helped me with constructing the formulations. I was the first to use everything, because I was making it for myself. No cost was spared, when ordering these oils and butters. As a matter of fact, I knew the more expensive the oil, the more beneficial it was because of the nutrient content. That drove me to want it even more for my healing.

Within that 30 day period, of my fast, these products were born. The name "Awaken The Healing Begins Now" was given to me from Spirit and the labels were created. We continue to be amazed at the Healing abilities of each one. We continue to learn more about them, as we use them. The product line has grown and we will be coming out with a "Silk Soak" soon. This contains real silk and it's been incredible in my hair! I can't say enough about it. Also, we have a "Royal Face Cream" coming soon and this contains Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, just amazing!

These products were manifested through deep prayers for healing. The Healing that myself and my family have attained from the use of these amazing products continues to be amplified over time. In the past two and a half years, the benefits have only increased. Others are sharing our stories of healing and enjoying the benefits of these blessed oils and butters. I can't say enough about them. Thank you for taking the time to read about how this product line began.

To Your Health,

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