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Awaken Trial Pack
1 trial size of each. 2oz. Body butter, 2oz. Royal Silk for hair, 1oz. Beautiful Skin, & 2oz. Healing Oils
Price: $50.00
Royal Body Butter 8oz.
All Natural Healing Body Butter for total body healing!
Price: $40.00
Royal Body Butter 4oz.
All Natural Healing Body Butter for total body healing!
Price: $25.00
Beautiful Skin 4oz. (only)
All Natural Body Mousse for healing scars, stretch marks, muscle pain, and areas that need concentrated healing
Price: $25.00
Healing Oils 8oz.
Botanical Oil Combination for Massage or Healing Lotion. Use for Body, Hair oil, and for your pets. Deep tissue healing oils.
Price: $25.00
Healing Oils 4oz.
Botanical Healing Oils for Massage, Body lotion, or Hair. Deep tissue healing oils.
Price: $15.00
Royal Silk for Hair 8oz.
Unbelievable Botanical Oil blend that leaves the hair silky, soft, non-greasy, stronger, and shiny. Excellent for damaged and dry hair.
Price: $45.00
Royal Silk for Hair 4oz
Use for damaged hair, irritated scalp, encourages healthy hair growth, strengthens the hair and nourishes the scalp. Leaves the hair silky soft and non-greasy
Price: $30.00
Custom Order
David W. Toronto
Price: $34.50


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